Now anyone
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Build credit with a debit card.
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Zoro Phone App
Zoro Card

The simplest way
to build credit

A debit card that
builds credit

Zoro Card works like a debit card so
you never have to worry about a
monthly bill, fees, or debt. When you
make a deposit, your balance goes up.
When you spend, it goes down.

Behind the scenes Zoro Card processes
like a credit card. This builds your credit
and provides better fraud protection
than a debit card.

Better credit,
Better future

See how much a good
credit score can save you.

My Credit Score
Over 30 years, you could save
with an 800 credit score

Secured by military-grade
256-bit end-to-end encryption


$250,000 in FDIC
insurance coverage

Zoro Phone App
Zoro Card

Start building your
financial future

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